Are you someone who loves coffee but has always wondered why Starbucks coffee tastes burnt?

Well, the truth is out and we have got it all covered for you.

In this blog, I will uncover why Starbucks coffee tastes burnt, why calling it ‘burnt‘ is not entirely accurate, and how to make burnt coffee taste better.

I’ll also delve into the reasons behind Starbucks dark roasting their beans and whether they intentionally over-roast them or not.

Additionally, I have listed some dark roast alternatives at Starbucks for all those who want to try something different.

Lastly, I have answered some frequently asked questions about Starbucks coffee that will help you understand why some people choose to boycott it altogether.

So sit back and read on as we unveil the truth behind the burnt taste of Starbucks coffee.

Why Does Starbucks Coffee Taste Burnt?

Why Does Starbucks Coffee Taste Burnt?

Starbucks coffee often tastes burnt because the Starbucks coffee beans are roasted very dark. Darker roasts produce a more bitter, charred flavor. Starbucks uses these extra dark roasts so their coffee has a consistent, signature taste across all stores. While some people enjoy this taste, others think it makes the coffee taste burnt and overpowering.

Why does my Coffee Taste Bitter?

Why does my Coffee Taste Bitter?

Starbucks coffee often tastes bitter because of the way it is roasted and brewed. Starbucks uses a very dark roast for their coffee beans, which brings out more bitter and burnt flavors. They also brew their coffee at high temperatures which tends to overextract the beans, making it taste bitter.

Additionally, the machines in Starbucks stores brew large volumes of coffee rapidly, which can lead to inconsistent and overextracted results. This can be a challenge for casual coffee drinkers who are used to milder flavors. The combination of dark roasts, high temps, and fast brewing is why Starbucks coffee frequently has a bitter taste in America.

Why does my Coffee Taste Sour?

Why does my Coffee Taste Sour?

Starbucks coffee can taste sour for a few reasons. If the coffee is under-extracted, it will have a sour, acidic taste. This can happen if the grind size is too coarse or the brew time is too short. Old, stale coffee beans will also start to taste sour as they degrade. Additionally, if the barista does not properly clean equipment, coffee oils can go rancid and produce sour notes. The large machines at Starbucks relying on fast, high-volume brewing can sometimes lead to under-extracted, sour tasting coffee. Proper grinding, brewing, and equipment cleaning is needed to avoid a sour taste.

The Reason Behind Starbucks’ Burnt Coffee Taste

The Reason Behind Starbucks’ Burnt Coffee Taste

Starbucks roasts their coffee beans very dark in order to achieve a consistent flavor profile across all of their stores in the United States. Dark roasting brings out sharper, more bitter notes as it caramelizes the natural sugars in the beans.

The burnt taste in Starbucks coffee happens mainly because of how they roast their coffee beans. Starbucks brews their coffee at high temperatures, which tends to over-extract the beans and accentuate bitter flavors. They also roast them longer than usual, which makes them dark and gives that burnt and bitter flavor.

When beans are roasted for too long, they lose their natural sweetness and get a bold, smoky taste. The combination of very dark roasts and hot brew temperatures is the only way to contribute to Starbucks’ signature burnt and bitter coffee taste.

But there’s another reason too. Starbucks uses more coffee in comparison to water when brewing their coffee. The amount they use makes their coffee stronger and more bitter than what most people might expect or like. Some folks enjoy this strong taste, but others find it too overpowering.

This strong, roasted flavor has become part of their brand identity. While some customers enjoy the bold taste, others feel it makes the coffee taste overpowering and excessively burnt. But the uniformity and strong flavor are intentional outcomes of Starbucks’ roasting and brewing processes.

Why Calling Starbucks Coffee “Burnt” Is Wrong?

Why Calling Starbucks Coffee “Burnt” Is Wrong?

The term “burnt” might not be the most accurate way to describe Starbucks coffee. The reason is that Starbucks uses a dark roasting method for their Arabica beans, not burning them intentionally. When coffee beans are dark roasted, they are heated until they become dark brown or even slightly black, resulting in a bitter taste. This method is different from burning the beans.

If you’re looking for alternatives to the bitter taste of Starbucks coffee, there are a few options to consider.

Best Starbucks Coffee That Doesn’t Have a Burnt Taste

Blonde Roast

Blonde Roast

Starbucks Blonde Roast Coffee is a light kind of coffee that brings out the natural flavors of the coffee beans without any burnt taste.

If you like your coffee less strong and not too bitter, this one’s a good choice. It has a gentle and subtle taste with hints of citrus and flowery flavors.

When you go to Starbucks, ask for the Veranda Blend if you want this specific type of lighter coffee. Just tell them your size preference (like tall, grande, venti) to get a freshly made cup that tastes great.

You can add cream or sugar to make the flavor even better, but I recommend trying it without anything first. This way, you can enjoy the genuine taste of the coffee beans.

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Starbucks Sumatra coffee has a special mix that gives a strong, earthy flavor and finishes smoothly.

For the best taste, ask for a freshly made cup using the pour-over or French press method. This way, you’ll get all the flavors and smells without any bitter taste afterwards.

Sumatra coffee stands out because it grows in a unique place. The beans come from high up in Indonesia’s Sumatra Island, which gives the coffee its bold, spicy, and earthy taste.

People who love rich, earthy flavors in their coffee will really like Sumatra coffee. It’s a good choice if you enjoy coffee that tastes strong but goes down smoothly.

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Starbucks’ Ethiopia coffee stands out because it has bright, fruity flavors and a flowery smell. It’s different from other coffees that might taste burnt.

The reason it tastes so good is because Starbucks uses a medium roasting method. This lets the natural flavors of the coffee beans come through without covering them up with roasting tastes.

When you order, ask specifically for the Starbucks Ethiopia coffee beans and request the medium roast.

You can also ask the barista for their advice on how to brew it best to bring out its unique flavors.

Usually, they use the pour-over method or the Clover brewing system to bring out all the flavors slowly, making the taste richer and more balanced.

If you try a freshly made cup of Ethiopia coffee, you’ll get the full and best taste experience.

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Guatemala Antigua

Guatemala Antigua

Starbucks’ Guatemala Antigua coffee has a special taste and doesn’t have that burnt flavor you might find in other coffees.

The reason it tastes so good is because Starbucks uses a careful method called the “Roast Spectrum” when they roast the beans. They watch the roasting process really closely, adjusting the temperature and time just right. This way, the beans get roasted perfectly without burning.

They roast the Guatemala Antigua beans to a medium level, which brings out the flavors without making the beans taste burnt.

I suggest trying this coffee without adding much, like just having it black or maybe with a little cream or sugar. This helps you taste all the unique flavors better.

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Pike Place Roast

Pike Place Roast

Starbucks’ Pike Place Roast is a favorite for people who love smooth coffee without any bitter taste.

It tastes so good because Starbucks roasts the beans using a method similar to the one for Guatemala Antigua coffee. This gives Pike Place Roast a smooth and balanced flavor with hints of chocolate and toasted nuts.

You can ask for Pike Place Roast as a pour-over or a French press. It’s also great as espresso, latte, or cappuccino. If you like, adding a bit of cream or sugar can make the flavor even better without taking over.

Whether you really love coffee or just want a tasty cup, Starbucks’ Pike Place Roast is a great choice for a smooth and delicious coffee experience.

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You might wonder why Starbucks makes their coffee beans taste burnt even though they can roast them to a medium level. Let’s talk more about this to find out the reason

Why Does Starbucks Dark Roast Their Coffee?

Why Does Starbucks Dark Roast Their Coffee?

When Starbucks started, they realized that people really liked the strong taste that came from roasting their coffee beans a lot. This became their special taste.

Even now, Starbucks still roasts their beans a lot to give that same strong coffee flavor that people expect from their brand.

Some people say that roasting the beans so much hides their unique flavors and makes them taste bitter. But Starbucks keeps using this dark roasting method for two big reasons:

First, beans roasted dark can stay fresh for a longer time without losing their flavor and smell.

Second, dark roasting helps Starbucks make more coffee beans quickly. This way, they can supply all their stores and other coffee shops with fresh beans.

Why Does Starbucks Overroast Their Beans?

Why Does Starbucks Over Roast Their Beans?

Starbucks started by roasting their coffee beans really dark to make their coffee stand out from others that were weaker in taste.

As Starbucks grew bigger, this dark roasting made sure that their coffee tasted the same in all their stores across the country. It became their special flavor.

Roasting the beans dark also makes the brewing process faster. This means they can make coffee quickly, which was important because they had a lot of customers waiting in line.

So, did Starbucks choose speed over good taste? Well, the millions of people who drink Starbucks coffee every day don’t seem to think so. They like the taste just fine.

Why Does Starbucks Serve Dark Roast?

Starbucks prefers serving dark roasts because they work well in making big, popular drinks like Frappuccinos. Dark roasts have a strong smell that keeps the coffee taste intact in these mixed drinks.

Not just in fancy drinks, even in regular coffee with milk and sugar, the dark roast’s strong flavor doesn’t get lost when you add other stuff to it. This way, people still get that bold coffee taste they love, even when they customize their drinks.

Does Starbucks Intentionally Over Roast Their Beans?

Does Starbucks Intentionally Over Roast Their Beans?

Starbucks coffee might taste strong and burnt to some customers, but it’s not intentionally burnt. It’s a dark roast that can give off a burnt flavor.

Dark roasting means the beans stay longer in the roaster, making the coffee really strong but sometimes taste like burnt wood.

Other coffee shops often use a lighter roast for more flavors, so when you compare, Starbucks’ darker roast can feel burnt, even if it’s not actually burnt.

One good thing about these dark roasts is they last longer, unlike lighter roasts, so there’s less wasted coffee that goes bad.

Dark Roast Alternatives at Starbucks

Starbucks listens to its customers, and they heard complaints about the burnt taste in their coffee.

To fix this, they added medium and blonde roasts that don’t taste burnt. Now, there’s a choice for people who want Starbucks but not the burnt flavor.

If you go for lighter roasts like blonde, remember they taste gentler but have more caffeine. It might seem strange, but longer roasting takes away some caffeine.

So, dark roasts have a bold coffee taste but less caffeine compared to lighter ones.


Why Starbucks is Bad? (3 reasons why)

Here are 3 reasons why some people think Starbucks is bad:

  1. Over-roasted beans. Starbucks roasts their beans very dark which gives their coffee a burnt and bitter taste that some find unappealing.
  2. High prices. A cup of Starbucks coffee is quite expensive compared to home-brewed or coffee from independent cafes. The high prices are seen as unreasonable by some.
  3. Homogenization. With so many locations, Starbucks has become ubiquitous. This homogenization and lack of uniqueness among stores is seen as dull by some coffee connoisseurs.

While Starbucks certainly has its Critics, the chain remains hugely popular worldwide. But issues like poor quality beans, high prices, and lack of originality with so many standardized stores have led some to form negative opinions about the coffee giant. However, many still appreciate the consistent, familiar experience Starbucks provides.

Why does Starbucks Coffee Taste Different?

There are a few reasons why Starbucks coffee may taste different:

  • Roast profile – Starbucks uses a dark roast for most of its beans which gives the coffee a stronger, more bitter and burnt flavor compared to lighter roasts. This distinctive charred taste is part of Starbucks’ signature profile.
  • Brewing methods – The high-volume machines at Starbucks brew coffee quickly and at very hot temperatures. This can make the coffee taste over-extracted and more bitter. Independent shops may use pour over, cold brew, or other meticulous methods.
  • Store differences – Although Starbucks aims for consistency, factors like water quality, how often coffee is brewed, and equipment cleaning can vary from store to store and affect taste.
  • Product types – Starbucks serves many types of coffee drinks from plain black coffee to flavored lattes. The different preparation methods and flavorings will impact taste.
  • Freshness – Coffee starts degrading in flavor soon after roasting. Starbucks ships and stores beans in huge quantities which may mean some are less fresh.

Why Does Starbucks Coffee Taste better than Home-Brewed?

There are a few reasons why Starbucks coffee may taste better than home-brewed to some people:

  • Equipment – Starbucks uses high-end commercial grade espresso machines and coffee brewers that extract flavor efficiently from the beans. Home machines can’t always replicate this.
  • Expertise – Starbucks baristas are trained in making coffee drinks to the company’s specifications. Their skill in preparation and brewing impacts taste.
  • Freshness – Starbucks stores go through coffee beans very quickly so they are freshly ground. Coffee at home may sit longer and go stale.
  • Roasting – Starbucks beans are roasted in state-of-the-art facilities under careful temperature control for consistent flavor. Home roasters can’t match this.
  • Water Quality – Starbucks filters and processes their water for optimal coffee extraction. Home tap water may have minerals or chemicals that influence taste.
  • Ambiance – The aroma and bustling ambiance of a Starbucks store can make the coffee seem to taste better than quietly drinking at home.

So while personal taste preferences vary, Starbucks does have advantages in equipment, skills, and process control that allow them to expertly maximize coffee flavor. But home-brewing has its own virtues of convenience, comfort, and customization.

How Do You Make Burnt Coffee Taste Better?

Here are some tips for improving the taste of burnt, bitter coffee:

  • Add a pinch of salt – A tiny amount of salt can counterbalance bitterness and mellow out some of the burnt flavors. The salt should enhance the coffee taste, not make it salty.
  • Use cream or milk – Adding dairy like cream, milk, or half and half can help smooth out the burnt taste. The fats in dairy products coat the tongue and temper the bitterness.
  • Stir in brown sugar – The caramel notes of brown sugar are a natural pair for burnt coffee. The sweetness helps mask bitter notes. Don’t overdo it though.
  • Add cocoa powder – Just a dash of unsweetened cocoa powder adds complexity, cuts bitterness, and rounds out the flavor.
  • Brew a milder coffee – Try blending the burnt coffee with a freshly brewed, mellower coffee. The blending reduces the burnt impact.
  • Chill it – Iced or cold brew methods result in less acidic, smoother coffee that highlights different flavors.
  • Experiment with spices – A dash of cinnamon, nutmeg, or cardamom may complement the burnt coffee nicely.

The most burnt coffee can be improved with just a few tweaks during brewing or before drinking. Balancing out the bitterness is key.


In conclusion, the taste of Starbucks coffee being described as burnt is subjective and can vary from person to person.

It is important to understand that different brewing methods, coffee bean origins, and roast levels can influence the flavor profile of coffee.

While some people may enjoy the bold and smoky flavors of dark roasted coffee, others may prefer lighter roasts with more subtle flavors. Starbucks offers a variety of coffee options, including blonde roasts, which have a milder taste.

Ultimately, it is up to personal preference to determine whether Starbucks coffee tastes burnt or not.

So, why not try different blends and roasts to find the perfect cup of coffee that suits your taste buds?