Do you love spending time with your furry friends and can’t bear leaving them at home while you go out for a cup of coffee?

If so, you might be wondering if dogs are allowed in Starbucks.

Well, the answer is not straightforward. It depends on several factors such as location, state laws, and Starbucks’ pet policy.

In this blog post, I have covered everything there is to know about bringing your dog to Starbucks. From rules and regulations to policies and exceptions.

I will also let you know which Starbucks locations are dog-friendly and how you can enjoy your favorite drink with your four-legged buddy without getting in trouble.

So, grab a cup of coffee (or puppuccino) and read on!

Does Starbucks Allow Dogs?

Does Starbucks Allow Dogs?

Starbucks doesn’t permit dogs inside their stores except for trained service animals. Bringing pets inside can lead to health code issues, but outside patios welcome leashed dogs. It’s essential to keep your dog leashed on the patio. While there, Starbucks goes the extra mile by providing water for your furry friend and even offers a special treat called a “Puppuccino,” a small cup filled with whipped cream or foamed milk. So, while dogs aren’t allowed indoors, Starbucks accommodates them with care and treats on their outdoor patios.

Are Dogs Allowed into Starbucks?

If you want to get coffee from Starbucks, it’s best to leave your pet at home because dogs can’t come inside. Starbucks has rules to follow because they serve food, and those rules don’t allow pets indoors. Even though we’d love to bring our furry pals, there are other ways to enjoy your coffee without them inside the store.

Does Starbucks Allow Dogs Outside on the Patio?

If you want to sit outside at Starbucks and bring your dog, that’s usually okay! Here’s a tip: order your coffee on the Starbucks app before you arrive. That way, you can quickly go inside to get your order while your furry friend stays cool in your car.

After that, you can bring your dog to join you on the patio for a smooth experience. Just remember, not all Starbucks have outdoor seating, so it’s a good idea to call beforehand if you’re not sure.

Are all Starbucks Dog Friendly?

Are all Starbucks Dog Friendly?

Starbucks generally doesn’t allow dogs inside their stores across the country, following a strict nationwide policy.

However, most locations welcome dogs on their outdoor patios or through the drive-thru. Inside, only service or guide dogs are permitted.

They even offer a special treat called a “Puppuccino,” but it’s crucial to check if your dog can have dairy before ordering. While Starbucks might seem dog-friendly outside, the rule remains that dogs can’t come inside, except for service animals.

However, there is good news for dog owners as most Starbucks locations have outdoor patio areas that are dog friendly.

How to pick up Starbucks with a Dog?

The best way to get Starbucks when you’re with your dog is to use the drive-thru! Another good choice is to order on the app before you arrive and sit outside on the patio. Both ways are cool ways to enjoy some time with your furry friend while grabbing your coffee.

Should You Bring Your Dog to a Store?

Should You Bring Your Dog to a Store?

Bringing your dog to a store requires some important considerations. Ensuring your dog is well-behaved and potty-trained is essential for a positive experience. Training them to avoid dangers with treats can help too. Think about your dog’s needs—will they get tired or thirsty?

Consider quieter times to visit and how long to stay. It’s crucial not to pretend your dog is a service dog just to bring them in, as it disrespects real service dog users.

If unsure, ask the store about their pet policy, and if it doesn’t allow pets, there are other options available to explore.

How to Get Starbucks With Your Dog?

If you’re thinking of getting Starbucks with your furry friend, here’s how to do it.

Since dogs can’t go inside, consider these options:

  1. Drive-Through: It’s the easiest way! You can get your coffee without leaving your dog in the car.
  2. Curbside Pickup: Some Starbucks let you order on their app and pick up your order outside, so your dog can stay comfy in the car.
  3. Outside Patio: If someone’s with you, they can wait with your dog outside while you pop in to grab your order. Just make sure your local Starbucks has a patio.

What happened when I took my small dog into Starbucks?

What happened when I took my small dog into Starbucks?

The people at Starbucks were really nice when I took my little dog with me. They were friendly and let my dog come inside. They even gave him a water bowl! This shows how much they care about their customers, including those with pets like Macy. It’s great to see businesses that understand how important it is to be able to spend time with our pets when we go out.

What Are The Rules For Dogs At Starbucks?

What Are The Rules For Dogs At Starbucks?

People who love coffee and have dogs often talk about the rules for bringing dogs to Starbucks.

Let’s check out the policies and rules so you know what to do when you want to take your dog to the coffee shop.

  1. No Dogs Inside: Starbucks doesn’t allow dogs inside their stores except for trained service animals. You might not need proof for a service animal in some states.
  2. Dogs on Patios: In most places, dogs can be on the outdoor patio areas of Starbucks. Some states might still have restrictions, so it’s good to ask your local store. Many states allow dogs on patios, and Starbucks is generally fine with well-behaved dogs in these areas.
  3. Leashed and Supervised: Dogs on Starbucks patios must be leashed and supervised all the time. This rule is crucial, or you might be asked to leave. If you have a service dog, the same rules apply—keep them leashed and always supervise them while on the premises. Leaving a dog alone inside is not allowed.

Can you bring Small Dogs into Starbucks?

No, Starbucks does not allow dogs to come inside their stores. Dogs are welcome in designated outdoor seating areas if the location has one.

However, not all Starbucks have patios, and some of those that do further restrict dogs due to space or local laws.

Before bringing any dog, even a small one, it’s best to call that particular Starbucks to ask if it’s okay. That will avoid any issues at the door or hassle for staff needing to address it.

The Starbucks Service Dog Policy

The official Starbucks policy says that pets can’t come inside their stores because it might break health codes.

However, they do allow service animals in accordance with the Starbucks pet policy. Laws about service animals can differ depending on where you are, so Starbucks follows the law that has the broadest definition of service animals.

This means if your pet isn’t a registered service animal, like a guide dog, they can’t come inside. Even if your local Starbucks seemed okay with pets before, it might not actually be allowed.

What can you get your Dog at Starbucks?

What can you get your Dog at Starbucks?

Starbucks has a couple tasty treats dogs can enjoy.

First is the “Puppuccino” – a small cup of plain whipped cream made special just for furry customers. This whipped cream cup is always completely free for dogs. There’s also the “Pup Cup” which is basically the same thing, a bit of whipped non-sweet whipped topping, but it costs 50 cents.

Lastly, Starbucks gives out cups of water for free if you ask for a grande-sized cold cup of water specifically for your pup.

So while they don’t have extensive doggie menus, Starbucks does offer free whipped cream samples, affordable cups of fluffy whip, and complimentary water in stores for man’s best friend. Checking with your closest Starbucks to see if they have whipped cream available that day for pups is always a smart idea before visiting.

And owners should feed their dogs these human treats in moderation! But it’s a nice option to make your dog’s tagging along for the coffee run a bit more exciting.

Can I Bring My Service Dog Into Starbucks?

Yes, Starbucks warmly welcomes service dogs at all their locations, offering support to customers with disabilities who rely on these registered service animals.

When bringing your service dog, it’s essential to follow certain guidelines. Keeping your dog on a leash or harness is important during the visit, and while it’s not mandatory, using a service dog vest can help alert others.

Some states like California require service animals to wear tags. While federal laws protect these animals and their owners, local policies might differ, creating some uncertainty.

It’s vital never to seat your animal at a table or feed them human food in places like Starbucks, as this goes against federal regulations.

Starbucks emphasizes their commitment to accommodating service animals, a core aspect taught to all their employees to ensure everyone receives respectful treatment.

Why Can’t Dogs Go Inside Starbucks?

Dogs aren’t allowed inside Starbucks because the store has rules to follow about health and safety. They’re really friendly to dogs and even have items on the menu that are good for pets.

But, the only animals allowed inside are service animals that are trained to help people with disabilities. Starbucks sticks to this rule without any exceptions for other pets.

Even though some studies say dogs might not cause much harm, Starbucks still needs to follow the rules for now. The policies might change in the future, especially since states have the power to make these changes, but currently, no dogs can go into Starbucks because of health concerns.

Do All Starbucks Locations Have The Puppacino?

Do All Starbucks Locations Have The Puppacino?

At Starbucks, you can expect the Puppacino treat for your furry friend at every location, but remember to ask for it in person when you’re there. Additionally, Starbucks is really considerate about providing water for service dogs inside and pets outside on the patio to keep them hydrated. There haven’t been any reports of this request being turned down, showing Starbucks’ commitment to ensuring a good experience for all guests while being mindful of their policies.

Dog-Friendly Ways to Get Your Starbucks

Dog-Friendly Ways to Get Your Starbucks

If you can’t go inside Starbucks with your furry friend, no worries! You can still get your drink, including a special treat for your pup. Starbucks has different ways to make it easy for you to get your frappuccino or any drink you like.


If you’re driving and your dog is with you, using the drive-through is the easiest way to get your latte and a treat for your pup at lots of Starbucks stores.

Curbside pickup

No car? Some Starbucks shops offer curbside pickup if you use their app. It’s super easy! Just order and pay on the app before you walk to the store, so you don’t even need to bring your wallet. You might not find “pup cups” listed in the app, so you can ask for one by typing it in the special requests section when you order.

Dog-Friendly Patio

You can take your dog to sit outside at Starbucks, but some places might have rules against it. If you have someone with you, they can stay with your dog outside while you go in to order. Even though your dog might feel sad when you’re away, knowing a pup cup is coming might cheer them up!


If you’re really craving Starbucks and can’t go there, you can get it delivered! Starbucks can bring your favorite drinks to you using services like Uber Eats, Postmates, and their own Starbucks Delivers in some places. It’s a great way to enjoy your Starbucks at home with your dog. Just order what you like, maybe even a Puppuccino for your furry friend, and it’ll come right to your door.

But, if you want special things like pup cups (which are small cups of whipped cream for dogs), you might need to ask for them specifically. Oh, and if you’re not sure what a pup cup is, it’s a little cup of whipped cream just for dogs. Sometimes they even top it with dog treats for an extra treat!

Dog Friendly Starbucks Drinks

When visiting Starbucks with your dog, there are a few safe drink options you can order for your canine companion:

  • Puppuccino – FREE small cup of whipped cream, specifically made for dogs. This is Starbucks’ official drink for dogs and the most popular choice for pet owners.
  • Pup Cup – Small cup of whipped cream for $0.50. Similar to the Puppuccino but not always free.
  • Grande Cold Cup of Water – FREE cup of water you can request specifically for your dog to enjoy.

It’s best to avoid giving dogs drinks containing coffee, tea, chocolate, citrus or artificial sweeteners as these ingredients can be harmful. While Starbucks doesn’t serve specific “coffee” drinks for dogs, the whipped cream cups and water are safe, tasty treats your dog can enjoy there.

Introduce new foods/drinks slowly and in moderation to check for stomach issues or allergies too. By sticking to the Puppuccino, Pup Cup or water when you grab your usual Starbucks order, you and your furry friend can bond over a nice cup together! Just be sure to confirm with your vet and staff if whipped cream is available that day for canine customers.

Tips for Dog Owners Visiting Local Starbucks Stores

Here are tips for dog owners visiting Starbucks:

  • Check if the Starbucks location has an outdoor seating area that permits dogs before visiting
  • Keep dogs leashed at all times when entering, exiting, or walking around the store
  • Ask employees which outdoor area is designated for patrons with dogs before having your dog settle into any space
  • See if the store offers complimentary “Puppuccinos” (whipped cream) or sells $0.50Pup Cups” for your dog
  • Bring a travel bowl and bottled water from home for your dog to enjoy
  • Introduce any new human food treats slowly to check for doggie allergies or sensitivity
  • Clean up after your dog during the visit and before leaving the Starbucks area
  • Make sure your dog does not excessively bark, jump on patrons or furniture, or display other disruptive behaviors
  • Be a respectful and responsible pet owner to follow Starbucks’ dog-friendly hospitality guidelines
  • Check ahead of time by calling your local Starbucks to confirm their specific policies
  • Follow all guidance from store staff about where your dog can or cannot be
  • Prioritize other guest comfort since not all visitors are dog lovers


Does Starbucks Allow Emotional Support Dogs?

Emotional support animals aren’t considered service animals according to the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), so they usually can’t come into Starbucks stores. Service animals are different because they’re trained to do certain tasks for people who have disabilities.

Can I Sit Outside Starbucks with My Dog?

If there’s an outside area at Starbucks, you might be allowed to sit there with your dog, as long as your furry friend stays on a leash and acts well. It’s a good idea to check the rules about pets in your area before taking your dog to places like coffee shops.

Are Starbucks Dog Friendly in the UK?

In the UK, most Starbucks stores don’t allow dogs inside, except for service animals. Even if your dog is well-behaved and leashed, they can’t come in.

However, rules can differ between stores. It’s a good idea to call the Starbucks you plan to visit because some might be more okay with dogs than others.

But remember, if another customer complains about your dog, the staff might ask you to leave.

So, it’s a bit variable, but generally, Starbucks in the UK might sometimes welcome dogs depending on the store’s rules and customer preferences.

Are dogs allowed in Starbucks Canada?

In Canada, most Starbucks don’t let dogs inside, but some might allow them on outdoor patios. It’s smart to ask the particular Starbucks you’re going to about their rules for dogs.

Different locations might have different policies about dogs on the patio, so checking beforehand can prevent any confusion or letdown.

Are Starbucks dog friendly in the USA?

Yes, in the USA, Starbucks is generally dog-friendly! While dogs can’t usually go inside, many Starbucks have outdoor seating where dogs are allowed to hang out with their owners while they grab a coffee or a snack.

If you want to enjoy a drink with your furry friend, you can often do so at Starbucks.

But remember, different Starbucks might have their own rules about dogs, so it’s smart to check with the specific store you’re going to before bringing your dog.

And bringing some treats for your dog is a good idea – they’ll love it!


In conclusion, the policy regarding dogs in Starbucks varies depending on the location. While some Starbucks allow dogs inside the store, others only permit dogs on the outdoor patio.

It is important to respect the rules and regulations of each individual Starbucks location. If you are planning to bring your dog with you to Starbucks, make sure to follow proper etiquette and guidelines to ensure a positive experience for everyone.

Additionally, there are dog-friendly ways to enjoy Starbucks, such as using the drive-through, curbside pickup, or choosing a location with a dog-friendly patio. Remember to always prioritize the comfort and safety of your furry friend when visiting any establishment.